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Elisabeth Toll studied archaeology, history and law at university before discovering photography. She began by specializing in darkroom printing and hand retouching, and still tries to retain in her work the sense of this kind of photography even while shooting digitally.

After assisting various photographers in Paris, her first project was for the French Foreign Legion in Paris 2000–2001 (her most prestigious assignment, according to her). Soon after that she turned to portraits and fashion.

Her current editorial clients include French, Russian and German Vogue, Harper's Bazaar UK, French and Russian Elle, Bon, Upstreet, Stiletto, Icon and Livraison. She also shoots for commercial clients as Louis Vuitton, H&M and Bon marché. Elisabeth divides her time between Stockholm and Paris and gets her inspiration from books, films and everyday life in order to try to tell a story with pictures.

In 2012 she won the award for Fashion Photographer of the year at the Swedish Elle Awards.