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Gustav Almestål grew up in Tibro, a small town surrounded by the vast woods in Sweden. Such a place where people say the wind blows and the cold bites. After finished his education at School of photography in Gothenburgh he left the country for London where he assisted Corrine Day and Mario Testino among others. In London his interest grew for good food and excellent wine and (as a consequence?) still life. But having a delicate mind, Almestål also developed a deep interest in the decay of mankind and in the beauty of death in a wider sense. Gustavs photography is clean and stripped down, he has brilliant eye for detail and leaves nothing to chance. These days he lives and work in Stockholm.

Clients include: Electrolux Grand Cuisine, Lurpak, Mr Porter, Byredo, Wall Street Journal, The Gourmand, Wallpaper Magazine, Nokia, Kasthall, NK, C Dellstrand, Macallan, Studiobject, Bon Magazine, Bukowskis.