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Emma Unckel (former Sahlin), born in 1981, is a well experienced commercial stylist. She grew up in Sundsvall with the dream of working as a fashion photographer. After formal training and two years of assisting, she however felt more drawn into styling. After a few years as fashion assistant and fashion editor at newly started Cosmopolitan, Emma became fashion editor at Damernas Värld, DV Mode and DV Man, where she stayed for six years.

Emma’s passion for fashion photography and styling, combined with her years of experience from commercial fashion magazines, makes her an excellent stylist with the ability to emphasize the product. Her stylings are feminine, yet cool with sharp silhouettes and a sexy edge.

Emma has through her career worked with Sweden’s best fashion photographers and models. Emma works with commercial clients such as H&M, Ralph Lauren, House of Dagmar and L’Oreal.