Joel Junsjö has always had a keen interest in art and aesthetics. Trained cabinetmaker, he has previously worked as an interior and furniture carpenter and has designed and produced many innovative restaurant and café interiors in Stockholm. Today, by drawing on his understanding of art and design while at the same time utilising his craftsmanship, he can apply abstract knowledge to his work with concrete materials. Specifically, this translates into his ability to efficiently manage the entire creative process from beginning to end, from idea to finished product, regardless of the project’s scale.

He and his team possess extensive knowledge of materials and are known to be advanced and forward-looking when it comes to concept, design, construction, and execution. Joel Junsjö is particularly known for his expertise in faux decorative building and painting. Together with his team, he has worked within a variety of fields and on many different kinds of projects, from experience and spatial design to prop-making and still life photography.