Hair Stylist
Martina Senke
Having worked in the fashion industry for almost twenty years, Martina Senke is an expert in her field. She pays great attention to detail and has developed a wide understanding of the interplay between all key aspects of a photo shoot, while continuously working in close dialogue with all the other members of the creative team. As a hair stylist, she is a perfectionist and enjoys being part of the process, always open to adjusting and adapting her work to ensure that the result matches seamlessly with the overall concept and aesthetics. Even when the hairstyle is natural and seemingly carefree, the creative process has been meticulous, and every angle and position carefully considered.

What initially attracted her to hair styling was the craft itself as well as the potential to express herself creatively. In particular, she is interested in the techniques of hair styling, and is well versed in working with all kinds of hair textures. She has worked with commercial clients such as H&M, Zara, Byredo and Benetton, and her work has been seen in magazines around the world, including Harper’s Bazaar, Numeró, ELLE and Vogue.