Known for her strong commitment and rigorous work ethic, Kristina Kullenberg is recognized for her dedication to go above and beyond in order to ensure that hair and makeup look as perfect as possible. She enjoys working with everything from niche fashion editorials to large commercial projects. This versatility makes her a valued member of any creative team, always ensuring that the collaboration runs smoothly and efficient: “In my experience, what the clients like about working with me is that I can pinpoint what they are looking for, and translate that into the best look possible, both in regards to lighting, the model’s face and the setting. I can also work quite fast without compromising the attention to detail, which is important when time is a limited resource. For this reason, it helps that I am equally skilled at both hair and makeup.”

Kristina Kullenberg is particularly adept at finding the right makeup nuance, blending colours in order to create the exact tone that the job requires. She was named makeup artist of the year by ELLE Magazine in 2001. Her list of clients includes Metal Magazine, Weekday, GANT, Vogue Paris, and ELLE Magazine.