Being a professional and highly skilled makeup artist, Fredrik Stambro has travelled the world in order to work with some of the most legendary people in contemporary fashion. Through his many collaborations, he has become an efficient team player, and is particularly known for his ability to work fast and to perform under pressure. Aesthetically, his strengths in makeup are skin tones, working with colours and accentuating sharp lines. He is particularly passionate about working with beauty and cosmetics, and has been the Contributing Beauty Editor at both Narcisse Magazine and Tush Magazine.
Fredrik Stambro is one of the most celebrated makeup artists in Sweden, and has been award Makeup Artist of the Year at the Swedish ELLE Awards no less than three times. Recently, he has collaborated with brands such as L.O.V., Estée Lauder, Maybelline and Revlon, as well as with famed Art Director Fabien Baron.